About Us

Welcome! My name is Desiree. I am a woman, mother and believer in Christ. As I have gotten older and learned to value who I am and uphold my own worth, I have had a hard time finding clothes that allow me to express myself while being comfortable and covered in a way that states "I am beautiful and valuable." I am those things because I am created in God's image and so are you! Yet I find it difficult to find clothes that aren't too short or cut too low or just show too much.

Fashionable faith was created for us. Women who want to express uniqueness and beauty while being classy and dignified. We comfortably uphold our values while being fashion forward when we want to be.

Fashionable Faith was also created for my daughter. My mission as a mother is to raise a woman who is strong and knows her worth by setting an example and teaching her what love truly is.

Fashionable Faith was also created for you! Be you, be strong, be beautiful and confident in the woman that you are!